Proper Paws Dog Training Client Service Agreement


I understand that Proper Paws Dog Training and its employees shall not be held liable for any injury or damages to any person, animal or property which results from the behavior of me or my pet while participating in the training or under the care of Proper Paws Dog Training. I also understand and agree that any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. I also agree that Proper Paws Dog Training and its employees shall not be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred because of my pet’s participation in any and all programs or pet care including but not limited to walking, kenneling, boarding, administration of medication, transporting, and/or training. I also acknowledge that no service provided by any Proper Paws Dog Training personnel constitutes a guarantee of outcome or modification of any particular behavior.

I agree to the following for any dog or dogs I own that that are under the care, training, and/or supervision of Proper Paws Dog Training while participating in ANY services offered by Proper Paws Dog Training:

Dogs(s) must be up to date with the following vaccinations during the entire time they are training with a Proper Paws. If any of your dogs’ vaccines expire during our course of training, you will be required give a copy of the update vaccine record from your vet. Training will not continue until updated vaccines are received unless the training is strictly taking place in the client’s home without going outside.

  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella

Please note we DO accept titers and/or Vet Releases in place of vaccinations.


Products not labeled for use on pet animals may be used. Ex. Peanut butter, deli meat, spray cheese etc. Except when allergies are noted on the Customer intake Form.

Behavioral control devices may be used for the safety of pet animals and handlers. Behavioral
control devices will be humane and used humanely per the manufacturer’s intended use. Ex. Muzzle.

Proper Paws Dog Training is permitted to Kennel dogs as needed for safety and management purposes, anywhere from 15 minutes to – 8 hours depending on the service requested.

It is understood that your dog may be comingling with dogs it may or may not be familiar with or that live in the same household – depending on the service requested. As well if any dog exhibits moderate to severe aggression while co-mingling, Proper Paws Dog Training reserves the right to muzzle said dog as needed until owner can pick up dog.

If dog is aggressive, Proper Paws Dog Training will not be responsible for any damages done by pet

  • Client may cancel any service free of charge if it is done 48 hours prior to date of service.
  • Payments must be paid at time of service or a bill may be requested. If bill is not paid within 5 days a $25 late fee will be applied unless other arrangements have been approved by your trainer.
  • All paid training expires within 6 months to 1 year after date of purchase depending on the service

Proper Paws Dog Training reserves the right to deny service based on inappropriate or uncomfortable situations that may arise by either pet or client AND/OR safety concerns.

Proper Paws Dog Training reserves the right to report abuse and/or neglect done to any pet(s).

*Proper Paws Dog Training, its employees, and Contracted Trainers, are not responsible for the cost of any General or Emergency Vet Care*

I agree to allow Proper Paws Dog Training to use photographs of my dog(s) or me and my dog(s), with or without my name for purposes such as publicity, marketing, illustrations, advertising, and web content. Whether published or not, I agree that use of any picture comes without any expectation of reimbursement, monetary or otherwise.

Upon registration for any training class with Proper Paws Dog Training, a copy of this form with your signature will be required to complete the registration process.